The Stomp Out The Red

Campaign’s focus is on eliminating the circumstances and situations, aka red flags, that stifle the growth of individuals, families, and businesses. Founder of Morman & Company, Chantelle L. Morman created the campaign to help individuals, families and businesses remove the red flags that prevent them from living the lifestyle that they desire. By providing resources that challenge the status quo, such as lending expertise and offering superior and strategic advice, exceptional services and tools that assist in setting measurable goals and expectations to reach them.

The campaign features many initiatives to push participants forward but the main event is the Stomp Out the Red Community Resource Business Showcase. It is a single day event, free and open to the public.

It offers a community resource and business showcase throughout the day that provides products and or services that catered to individual’s needs targeted in the areas of Physical Health, Mental Power, Financial Clarity, The Business Shop and Family Support Systems. It also features exhibits and keynote sessions that educate, motivate, inspire and empower those who desire to grow abundantly in their mind, body and soul.

The campaign launched in June 2016 in Miami, FL with the mission of helping individuals, families and businesses to eliminate the red flags that stifle their growth. The mission also supports local businesses and organizations get in front of their key targets to bring awareness to the assistance and resources available to the community.


Chantelle L. Morman

Chantelle Morman is a certified financial educator, national speaker and best selling author and leading financial advisor for Morman & Company. During her tenure at State Director of a federally-funded outreach program focused on sustaining the health of families within communities of Iowa, Chantelle was exposed to the needs of the community juxtaposed against the lack of opportunities accessible to most people due to their lack of knowledge, education and motivation. Consequently, she championed for financial education programs aimed at building generational wealth through customized financial planning with a promise to leave no family behind. In 2011, Chantelle launched Morman & Company to help individuals with their financial health so they may live the life they say they want to live.

Known as “The Financial Empowerment Guru,” Chantelle has owned and operated successful service businesses within the communities where she has lived to enjoy the freedom derived from being an independent business owner. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Northern Iowa.

As a resident and business owner in the Miami Metro area, Chantelle is the mastermind behind Stomp Out the Red and other popular networking events aimed at growth and empowerment within the local community.


Collaborating With:

Miami-Dade County Small Business Development Division
Miami-Dade County Economic Advocacy Trust

A portion of our proceeds are being donated to:

Boys & Girls Club of America