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Stomp Out the Red is a day of education, motivation, inspiration and empowerment for those who desire to reach to grow in their mind and body. Eliminate the red flags in your lives that is stifling your growth. The participating businesses and  organizations are there to help you achieve your life goals.

SOTR is dedicated to five different areas of life:
1) Physical Health
2) Mental Power
3) Financial Clarity
4) The Business Shop and
5) Family Support System
The Physical Health concerns include: Wellness – Blood Pressure and BMI Checks; Alternative Medicine/Healthy Food Choices for Health and Wellness; Alternative Medicine; Personal Training; and Immunizations Review.
The Mental Power track covers: The Art of Positive Thinking – Without Health, There’s No Wealth; College Entry Assistance Tips; GED Assistance; Scholarship Information; and Internship Opportunities.
Financial Clarity track covers: Financial Blueprint – Outline Clear Steps to Achieve Your Financial Goals. Resources To Add Streams of Income; Employment opportunities; and Financial Assessments.
The Business Shop covers: Small Business Development; Entrepreneurial Workshops; Business Funding Sources; Law and Your Business (Documentation/Licensing, Etc.)
The Family Support Systems track covers: Child Care Assistance; Immigration Assistance; Family/Marriage Counselors; Housing Assistance; and Home Buyers Education.